This is the site of Pat O’Connell, infosec professional (Mastodon). I started by career by spending eight years working in political organizing. I was expected to and delivered on projects where I managed up to forty-five subordinates, including statewide ballot and electoral campaigns. This was capped by my time as organizing and communications director with a statewide lobbying organization consisting of 120,000 members.

Since then and over the last fifteen years, I have worked in technology in both systems administration and information security. Clients have included small businesses, large academic environments, and large enterprise environments across all seven continents and multi-public cloud environments. I have a focus on detection engineering, including building multi-terabyte (up to 150 tb) Splunk instances and their management tools. I have also been involved in SOC builds, incident response, and fundamental security architecture.

Branding, including the header and favicon images, were designed by Katherine Crawford.

The opinions and recommendations displayed here are entirely my own, with no implication given about those held by any client or employer. Articles are published “as is”, without any warranty that it will work for your specific need.

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